According to the trend study by Econsultancy, 2017 won’t be the first year predicted to be the year of mobile, nor will it be the last, but it will be the year that smartphone activity becomes the biggest online activity in the US.

As the consumer’s device of choice, mobile is almost always on hand. Years ago it was good enough to have a website. However, in today’s world more and more consumers are using their mobile devices to visit websites. They are more comfortable with looking at websites on the go and demand an increasing number of website features. It is often your brand’s first point of contact with a consumer.

If you have decided to postpone or eliminate a responsive website design then think again! According to Gartner, websites not formatted for smaller screens will become a market barrier to businesses. Don’t let that barrier impact your business!

Let eComStreet help your business Go Responsive among the millions of Mobile users.

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