Enterprise Mobile Applications are increasingly becoming a priority across all business sectors as companies look to extend their services to a population that is using smartphones and tablets. 46 percent of organizations are building or plan to build two or more business-to-enterprise applications in the next six months, and 52 percent plan to build two or more business-to-business applications.

Mobility has become a reality which enterprises can no longer ignore; also, mobile devices have become an integral part of the business eco system.

What is an Enterprise Mobile App
Enterprise Mobile App is simply put an app used by a business to handle certain business features with the ability to link into backend databases.

eComStreet’s Strategy

eComStreet helps enterprises achieve their business goals by combining our experience, robust technical approach and our business analysis skills. We help you discover, define and deliver your mobile vision – allowing your enterprise to mobilize and be accessed globally among the smartphone population involve.

eComStreet’s Advantages

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