High-quality business reporting is at the heart of strong and sustainable organizations and financial markets. This information is crucial for stakeholders to assess organizational performance and make informed decisions with respect to an organization’s capacity to create and preserve value.

We understand the importance of analyzing and reporting on data that is essential for the business stakeholders before they make critical decisions. eComStreet offers consulting services to help you empower your users to make effective and informed decisions based on trusted data that is delivered in a format appropriate for the end user.

We provide consulting services for the Microsoft business intelligence suite of products. Microsoft provides a complete set of business intelligence tools as part of the Microsoft SQL Server, Sharepoint, and Office applications. For enterprises that have embraced Microsoft technologies, the Microsoft BI stack is a logical extension to those systems. Microsoft has products for data integration (SSIS), analytics (SSAS), business intelligence (SSRS), and visualization. These tools can be deployed either stand-alone or as part of a Sharepoint system, and can be fully integrated with MS Office desktop products such as Excel.

eComStreet provides Microsoft BI platform services to architect your SQL Server system in a scalable, extendable and secure fashion. We work with business users, subject matter experts and technical staff to identify and articulate requirements, evaluate your data architecture and technical environment, and align the software tools with business-user needs for effective information delivery. eComStreet Solutions can help your company get the most out of Microsoft BI solutions including architecture, planning, system design, development, and lifecycle management.

SSAS provides online analytic processing (OLAP) of data from disparate data sources. SSAS allows users to analyze data with a host of tools including SSRS and Excel. In addition, SSAS enables the discovery of data patterns that may not be immediately apparent through the data mining features built into the product. eComStreet can help you to prepare and populate the data that drives the SSAS system, and we can help to design and develop the SSAS cubes that make the most sense and organize that data.

eComStreet offers SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) consulting services to help you empower your users to make effective, informed decisions based on trusted data and delivered in formats appropriate for the user. We work with clients to assess and plan a business intelligence (BI) strategy, develop relevant visual representations of processes and performance, deploy dashboards, and create informative, flexible management and operational reports. Each of our engagements takes into account objectives dealing with rapid implementation, quick return on investment, reduced risk and knowledge transfer to your staff. Whether you're looking for a complete solution, expert guidance for your team as they implement a system or a review of an existing system, eComStreet can help.

Using SSIS, eComStreet Solutions can help you implement an appropriate information management foundation that can deliver integrated, accurate, and timely data across your organization. Our data management solutions help ensure you provide trusted data in the areas of business intelligence, data warehousing, data migration, and master data management. Our goal is to provide decision makers with accurate, relevant and actionable information, resulting in improved profitability, enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Utilizing SQL Server Integration Services we can work with you to make sure data is sourced correctly, ensure its quality, and provide the appropriate data architecture for effective reporting and analysis.

eComStreet can help you to build a powerful and affordable business intelligence solution using the Microsoft Business Intelligence tools
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