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Bhawana Sharma Oct 28, 2020 02:28 PM

Which development team to select to visualize your idea?

 “The person who is waiting for something to turn up might start with their shirt sleeves.” well said by Garth Henrichs. If you have an idea then the dreamer in you has already done its part and now it’s time for you to come to the ground of reality.
If you have an idea to create an app or website but not sure which is the best option to go for it then here are options you can explore and see what works for you.


  • Having the entire team together, of course, gets you the most productivity. You can make your own team that can work according to you. Communication is easy and you can make the required changes there and then. You save your time if you can check onto the works in real-time. However, if it becomes cost-prohibitive, then augment your current team or hire a different team to get your work done - onshore or offshore

Completely Offshore
Outsourcing to foreign developing countries can save a huge amount of money of yours which you can invest in other work. 

  • Hiring an outsourcing company is a cost-efficient method. These companies provide billing strategy beforehand and hence the monthly expenses can be pre-planned. You don’t need to hire employees and bear the cost of payroll taxes, training, bonuses, and to buy the numerous software and hardware tools required. Also, outsourcing gives freedom to demand the required skills. When you discuss your product, they may guide you and provide excellent solutions.

Hybrid of onshore/offshore

  • Hybrid of onshore/offshore balances the technology and is more flexible than completely offshore. The company you’re working with or planning to hire has a presence in the US with an extended team in other countries to give you US Ethics and standards with economical rates of a hybrid team. 

If you want to hire a third-party vendor for your project then we as a company suggest clarifying the tasks and their importance at the beginning itself. Do the research and note down the pros and cons of every model and short-listed company and find out everything about the company as well. Also, look for an experienced tech team and excellent management system. 


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