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Bhawana Sharma Oct 20, 2020 02:35 PM

Take your startup off the ground

"People think innovation is just having a good idea but a lot of it is just moving quickly and trying a lot of things." Well said by Mark Zuckerberg. Everything available around you was once just an idea in the mind. The renowned app, Amazon was also once an idea which Jeff Bezos believed and decided to create. You never know which idea becomes famous so keep believing and working to make it possible. 
If you have an idea but not sure how to get started then you have landed on the right post. When an idea emerges into the mind, it brings a plethora of questions along with it. In order to push those questions away, you may want to try the following steps to turn your idea into reality.

  • Research
    Do search market research on feasibility. It’s important to know the way to execute the idea and how it can be done. The research will help you know if this idea has been done or not, who’s your competition and what makes you different. After researching you’ll become clearer about your idea. Now, you can plan its execution. 

  • Build an MVP (Minimal viable product)
    Start with penning down the concepts of your entire project and shortlist the base functionality to start with. Once, you know how to get started then the empire is not far away. Rather than building the entire project start with MVP that you have created. The benefit if starting with MVP is that you start your project with the pilot group, improve your project based on the feedback from the pilot group.

  • Decide the budget and how you will fund the MVP
    Now, you have gathered all the information and created your MVP it’s time to decide the amount of money you’re willing to invest. Finding a team that understands your concepts turns your idea into reality and doesn’t exceed your budget - Doesn’t this sound like a perfect plan? Yes, it’s possible.
    You may want to think about getting an Angel Investor or bootstrapping to try your idea. If you have the funds, then funding the MVP out of your own pocket i.e. bootstrapping may be a faster option. 

  • Find the right technology partner and get started
    If you don't have a dedicated product owner or user experience person, then make sure you partner with a team who brings in this expertise along with the development of the product.
    At eComStreet, we are conscious of the financial constraints of the startups. For a simple app/site we are typically able to provide an MVP product in the range of $10 to $25K.
    Feel free to reach out to us to brainstorm your ideas or decide next steps! Let’s turn your Vision into Reality!

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