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Bhawana Sharma Oct 15, 2020 12:24 PM

How to gain attention of Millennials towards your App?

The majority of apps popular in the market have millennials as their targeted audience. Mobile apps are an essential tool to set up the deep roots of the business in the market. The number of times we check our smartphones has multiplied in the past few years. 94% of this generation are smartphone users which makes them the huge contributor in popularizing an app.

What kinds of Apps are popular amongst Millennials?

  • Favourite App of Millennials these days
    Apps most preferred by this generation are Social Media. Only 25% of smartphone users have games. Research has shown that Amazon is the most used app by this generation and it is followed by Gmail and Facebook. 

  • Spreading words is essential and also the Design
    Generation Y is fascinated by popularity or apps which help them to reach a large audience. They are sensitive to social issues and have a plethora of new ideas to create awareness. If an app can help them spread their message or help people notice their talent, it remains in their favourites list. Unique Features and functionality play a crucial role in gathering the audience. Designs and colors used for logo and app also make it appealing to push the download button.

  • Few key features which make them click Download Button
    An app which provides a discount or gives rewards in-app purchase also makes their way to the favourites list.  Other features like an app shouldn’t drain much battery, few push notifications and less data usage are also considered by this generation.  A Millennial-friendly app should be appealing, helping them to create connection and should have a unique feature. While developing an app one should keep the targeted audience and their preference in mind.



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